Kami Tidak Akan Lupa

Have you read the news?

Rafidah: Forget about Mahathir

“I will never forgive him for accusing me of all kinds of things. I cannot take it any more, I have reached boiling point,” she said.

Tun M famously said “Melayu mudah lupa”, and Tun’s right. Now lets see the Rafidah before she ask us to forget about Tun M.

2002 UMNO General Assembly

“I wish to announce I am resigning from UMNO and all positions in the National Front,” Mahathir said.
“Why, sir?” shrieked Ms Rafidah.

“Change your mind,” pleaded Mr Abdullah.

Loyalists were dumbfounded by the announcement. Many wept.

“WHY?” shouted Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz.

“I have decided,” Mahathir said. “It’s been a long time.”

Chants of “Withdraw! Withdraw!” were heard. The premier was eventually led away to a waiting room in the company of Abdullah, his deputy prime minister and deputy leader of UMNO.

sources: The Age , SMH

2005 Merdeka Day

Touching moment…

Nobody knew exactly what was said by Rafidah and Dr Mahathir, but the minister was seen to be in tears as she hugged the former prime minister, who looked calm throughout the episode.



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