What? Why? How?

What?PM Abdullah asked the people to help him to combat corruption, and he decided to fight it by appointing Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib as Senator(pic). And he probably will become a member of the cabinet very quickly as Abdullah may reshuffle his cabinet soon. That’s ballocks.

Why? The former CM of Selangor state was caught with a suitcase of $1 million cash at Brisbane Airport on 22 Dec 1997. He resigned as the CM but not his UMNO vice president and state assemblymen post.To date, he is still to clarify on RM25.4 million worth of various expenditures and properties which had been reported by the foreign press and linked to him. The ACA did not tell the public about their investigation on him and now he’s about to become a minister of Malaysia.

How? Well, he’s being very loyal to Abdullah and hit out at Dr. Mahathir numerous times now. If you’re loyal, help your master to fight his critics then you’ll be awarded. To hell with improving integrity of the cabinet.

2 Responses to “What? Why? How?”

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