Joceline Tan’s Hero: Khairy J.

This morning, i read Joceline Tan’s Not a done deal yet . I disagree with her, Khairy will be the Chief of those losers (read: Pemuda UMNO). The dude became the deputy chief without contest last term, they killed off all potential contenders then,they will do it again, its a done deal(she also wrote like his the only one). Don’t have to write like all UMNO members supported or voted for Khairy.

Now lets see what she wrote,ok?

Khairy had stood out from the day he went into Umno Youth and not just because his father-in-law is Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

That he is several notches above others in the Youth wing was obvious from his understanding of national and global issues and the way he articulated them.

Before Abdullah became the PM, who knows Khairy J? Not many or nobody.

National & global issues, yes, we all knew Khairy well enough don’t we? “Blame others for my failure” is his motto which he inherited from his predesesors. Remember him talking about the Malaysian Chinese? NEP and so on, you read the news, you will know all about him.

Khairy can even protest to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice(as PM’s guest) at the Asean Ministerial Meeting last year, the police never arrested him, he’s so special they even allowed him to enter and protest at KLCC Convention Centre later. Pity us poor Malaysians who protest against fuel & toll hike, get beaten up and thrown into lokap.

It explains why he has been making his presence felt on the ground. For instance, he was in Kota Tinggi on Monday, going around the deluged town in a rubber dinghy, his jeans folded up to his knees like a fisherman. By evening he was in Batu Talam to prepare for the by-election’s nomination the next day.

Fisherman? Hold on, don’t forget the Durian feast party on last wednesday.

After reading her story i gotta say Joceline, you’re the man.


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