Police beat up anti toll hike protestors,Tak MALU Ker!

You probably didn’t know that there’s a Anti Toll Hike protest at Cheras Batu 11 toll last Sunday, the mainstream paper didn’t report it. They don’t give a damn about us people, they have to look after their masters image.

Never mind, you just have to know the police used excessive force to arrest 21 protestors and allegedly injured 4 in the process.

You can view the video here: Police abandons soft approach on cheras toll protestors.

You can hear clearly an officer shouted :”Masuk dalam lah! Tumbuk dia bawah!” or something like that, so the other officer punched the guy, you can see it for yourself.

Abdullah, where’s IPCMC that you promised? You slept too much you forgot, again? Or you afraid of the police’s treat?

Read more:

ChinaPress: 粗暴對待和平請願人士 冠英斥警不人道

Malaysiakini: Injured protestors allege police brutality

Malaysiakini: 警方重演“血腥星期五”暴行 示威者惨遭拳打脚踢伤痕累累

Merdeka Review: “他们踢我的下体好几次!”何其隆现身叙述警察施暴


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