New Yacht, New Plane?

Now i’m not telling you this, according to Abdullah have purchased a new plane, VIP ACJ 319 of Airbus, worth RM200 million. After a yacht worth RM30 million, now this? That’s crazy if this is true.

If you’re into cars, a Ferrari Enzo is priced at around RM9 Million, so you can buy 20 out of 400 made.

Not only his son is rich, our PM also damn freaking rich! But i’m not telling you this.

Eh Najib, you think you can tell Abdullah to change his lifestyle?

Now you go read a special report by Malaysia Today: Old Man, New Toys

Then you go and read The Star:

He, however, said the international community needed to do much more to reduce the huge disparities in wealth, power and knowledge among the peoples of the world.

Wanna puke again…


One Response to “New Yacht, New Plane?”

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    […] Who is the leader that purchased a RM60 million house in Perth? what about the RM 30 million yacht and Rm200 million plane? […]

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