Anti-Corruption Agency’s brilliant idea

ACA to still confiscate preoperty even if owner not nailed

SHAH ALAM: The Anti-Corruption Agency will seize property acquired through corrupt means, even if it fails to nail the owner for corruption. ACA national investigations director Mohd Shukri Abdull said there were cases when the agency had proof of graft, but the guilty parties could not be brought to court due to lack of supporting evidence because witnesses refused to testify or documents were lost.

This is so ridiculous, ACA is so desperate to prove to the public that they’re useful, they want to become samseng now. If they can’t prove someone is guilty for corruption, they can still ask the court to confiscate their property.

“It’s like you (the prosecution) telling the judge that you don’t have evidence to prosecute the person, yet you ask the judge to accept your word that the property was obtained via corrupt practices.”

That’s the remark of KL Bar Committee chairman of criminal practice N. Sivananthan, you don’t have to be a lawyer to agree with him.

ACA, make yourself useful and please go and investigate those government scandals. Maybe can start with the ECM Libra-Avenue merger, RM30 million yacht, the Toll concession, water concession, AP etc etc.

Use the Internet, look for hints from blogs!



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