Anti-Toll Hike Protest (Round 4 pics)

Date: 4th Feb 2007

Time: 4pm

Venue: IOI Mall Puchong

The good: People from all walks

The bad & ugly: Police & government


五百公众警局外声援施压 警方晚上八时释放被捕者

Anti-toll hike protest: More arrests made









Chaos, caused by the police who promised to let the opposition leaders to speak for 15 minutes but started to pulling, shoving and arresting the leaders and their followers that tried to protect them after like 2 minutes.



C’mon, fully gear up policeman vs girls & old man….the police got no shame


See, they even handcuffed the girls. The only danger there were the police with their weapons, not the protestors.





A peaceful event ended after the chaos, because of the police.


The crowd refused to disperse after the police arrested 15 people, they gathered at the opposite of IOI Mall to protest, again. That’s the spirits.


Protestors marching towards Puchong police station.


Since when Rela became a part of the armed forces? they’re just some local thugs.


Hundreds of protestors & curious residents surrounded the police station waiting for the release of the 15 arrested.

I hope more people will come out next time and see this with your own eyes, you don’t get to read this in the mainstream medias. We have the right to know about the toll concession because we are tax payer, and we pay the toll everyday.

Remember, the people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people.

2 Responses to “Anti-Toll Hike Protest (Round 4 pics)”

  1. b o b j o t s Says:

    The Victimisation Of Victims

    I just got informed that Suara Keadilan’s office was raided by Bukit Aman officers earlier today. Two ASPs (Assistant Superintendent of Police, not the poisonous reptile), ASP Rajagopal and ASP Suhaimi, barged into the office at 2.30 pm this afternoon…

  2. freonix Says:

    “A peaceful event ended after the chaos, because of the police.” funny
    How can protests be peaceful?

    You’re one funny guy, but try harder

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