Samy Vellu is a liar

I’m not a bad boy, Samy Vellu tells critics

“Many people think I’m a bad boy as if I decide on the tolls, as if I put people in trouble, that I go for blood and all that.”I’m a minister of the government and I implement the decision made by the Cabinet.

“It’s not my decision to raise the toll or to reduce it,” said the agitated minister.

Samy Vellu said toll rates were decided by the government and the Economic Planning Unit (EPU).

“Privatisation is purely an EPU decision. It is then approved by the Cabinet and the Ministry of Works takes over. The ministry has to announce the toll rates, has to carry all the burden and has to face all the scoldings,” Samy Vellu said after presenting cash awards to 580 Tamil pupils who scored 7As for the UPSR exam last year.

He lashed out at certain quarters who said they would buy up the toll companies if they were in his position.

If all the toll companies were taken over, said Samy Vellu, it would cost the government nearly RM500 billion.

Is he not a member of the cabinet?

Is he not a member of the government?

Is he not the minister of the department that signed all the toll concessions?

Is the minister of the cabinet just a message boy then, a powerless thambi?

RM500 billion to take over all the toll companies? those toll companies must be world re-known super corporations then. As the KLSE market value is currently valued at around RM960 billion, and we need RM500 billion to buy them.

Dei thambi, get out of the government you liar!


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