PM Abdullah in Wonderland

“The feel-good factor is better now than before, but when (it is time to call an) election, it should be an even better feeling.”Asked if he was ruling out an election this year, the Prime Minister said: “You want to know, I never reveal what I want to do. Cannot, cannot tell you.”

I challenge Abdullah to call the general election ASAP, then maybe he’ll learn to differentiate between feel-good and feel-bad or feel-dulan factor, just maybe.

Abdullah added that plans for the next 50 years were also discussed during the meeting and this meant continuing the goals set for Vision 2020 and beyond.

“We have talked about Vision 2020, but there is a need to look to the future. We need to look forward to 2057 for the future generation.

“It is the younger generation that will play the role of influencing the development of the nation in the future,” he said. (source)

Misi 2057? vision 2020 also gonna fail to achieve and Abdullah is planning for 2057 for us.

Enough-lah Abdullah, leave it to us, the younger generation to decide what we want, not you!

You afraid we will forget about you is it?Don’t worry, you will be remembered as The Worst PM of Malaysia forever, i can assure you that.


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