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Malaysian Blogosphere malu sial…

June 14, 2007

There’s a war over Malaysian Blogosphere ,those stupid bloggers.

The problem with bloggers are all of them think they are the smartest around, when they’re not.

Some are stupid enough to allowed crazy stupid comments in the name of freedom of speech.

Some are stupid enough to run ID check on some stupid commentor ,too free or too angry?

Some are stupid enough to lodge police report(yes, for real) over a post by another blogger, and raved about it, proudly.

Some are stupid enough to try to represent & protect bloggers, while some destroy.

So folks, this is Malaysian Blogosphere at its best.

Malu sial…

Liar from Nanyang Press column – 黄子

June 9, 2007

Well, i don’t know who is this 黄子 but he sure is a big liar. Read what he wrote in 说黑道白:报纸新闻比较可信 :


Translation for the bold sentence : according to the latest worldwide survey.

In that sentence, Yellow kid is talking about a study of young newspaper readers conducted by D-code for Canadian Press Association, but I went to D-code and the truth about the study is:

1,500 young people aged 14-34 participated in the study, conducted online across Canada in April.

Canada = Worldwide?

Do you think Yellow kid is a liar or he need a English tutor? i think he’s just another liar in the paper.

You can read the PDF report here.