Blogger Nat Tan Arrested: Let them fight their own war

I just read something about last night’s vigil, the family wasn’t happy with the political figures present, said it was hijacked and turned into a political agenda. Someone mentioned that they felt uncomfortable with the “Reformasi” chants, but i remembered reading Nat’s dad told the press his son taught his cell mates the “Reformasi” chant.( the news) So why the hell those ppl went to the vigil i have no idea.

Nat’s girlfriend said on her blog:

Hafiz quote me saying that the vigil was hijacked. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I really was uncomfortable with the whole PKR gig going on and I wanted to respect the wishes of the parents. It was more protest than anything and I really didn’t want it to affect the very simple thing I needed to do that was very important – giving Nat a bottle of mineral water.

The moment I gave the water to the officer, she asked if I was part of the group outside and fearing she would just drink the water herself or worse, wash her feet with it, I said no and expressed that I just got here and I was going home right after. So you see, some things needs balance. We found out that Nat got only one out of the two bottles we bring to IPD Dang Wangi each night. From what I heard, people were harping about freedom of speech online or whatever …. Nat told us that this is not a case of freedom of speech. This is a case of detention without valid reason under draconian laws.

This is really disappointing, so this is not about freedom of speech online or whatever, what is whatever anyway? all the while the media were telling us he was arrested for a blog post, if this is not true please clarify.

Its a pity a bottle of mineral water is more important than those “whatever”, tap water in lokap will not kill a 27 yo adult ok? beating, yes, but with all the attention, the best they can do is give Nat a black eye like his boss Anwar Ibrahim(assumption only).

Nat is a PKR member, a member of PKR Information Bureau, arrested for a blog post regarding a minister of the Malaysian government. This is political from the very beginning, get real.

So i think its best the family fight their own war, you political figures and those harping on freedom of speech online or whatever, pls stay away.


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