Bloggers are DEMONs, worse than LIARs.

On monday, 1 UMNO senator who was caught red handed while trying to smuggle millions of cash out of Australia few years ago lodged a police report on Raja Petra Kamarudin(RPK) of Malaysia Today, RPK was accused of insulting Islam and the King of Malaysia.

This is what RPK got to say. [here]

This is the senator. [here]

And Today, one Nazri declared WAR on Malaysian bloggers and threatened to use ISA & banish them.

“試想想,當一個人在部落格,把馬來統治者的畫像貼在自己的屁股上,然後在上面放屁……這種畫面,看在我們眼裡,我們會有何感受?” [full report]

He said some blogger pastes the Malay ruler’s portrait on their own ass, and then fart on it.( some sort of poster i think)

I do not believe in this, anyone saw this poster before please send me the link.

If it’s true, then we’re truelly demons 666.


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