Another hero, pls listen carefully!

Look who’s joined the band of heroes to suggest something ‘useful’ regarding the Negarakuku case.



“如果他(黃明志)仍不遵守指示,我們籲請政府即刻取消所有給予他的任何教育援助,如獎學金。” (news link)

In sort, the secretary(Setiausaha Agung) of Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS) Mohd. Nardin urge the government to cancel all educational aids such as scholarship offered to the Negarakuku guy, should he failed to follow instructions from the government.

This is so hillarious i ROTFLMAO!

I’m amazed by their ignorance really, i believe 99.9% if not all the students from chinese high school( no money from government type of school, yes it exist in Malaysia) receive no help from the government.

Its not a secret the government ignore them chinese high school students, JPA will never sponsor any student to study in China or Taiwan.

The government don’t even recognize the varsity degree there, so its impossible for a scholarship or loan.( That’s 1 of the topic in the Negarakuku song)

Mohd. Nardin, I understand your group only represents the Malays, but you also need to do some basic homework lah.




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