Never mind 50th Merdeka


This is a merdeka post, in the spirit of merdeka i present you the Never mind list.

  1. Islamic state, Yes/No?
  2. Port Klang Free Zone RM4.6 billion scandal, where’s the money?(The minister in charge is on 2 weeks MC starting today, go abroad see ‘doctor’)

  3. Untouchable Istana Zakaria & Co from Klang

  4. My son is rich, Dr. M smashed Khairy’s pot of rice
  5. Avenue Capital-ECM Libra merger: Khairy’s rice pot
  6. RM200 million luxury jet
  7. Johor flood: Was opening my bro’s nasi kandar restaurant in Perth, not free.
  8. No.1 Machai: “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” (He also wanna sue Youtube)
  9. Jasin MP:Close one eye, apa salah?”
  10. Jasin & Kinabatangan MP: “Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga”
  11. Jerai MP: “You tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!“(He got Wikipedia)
  12. Mat “million dollar cash” Taib as Senator (Raja Nazrin: Ppl with shady past should not be allowed to take office)
  13. Work with me, not for me

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Updated: I have decided not to ‘shout’ Merdeka on my blog, because Jasin “close one eye” MP & co said they’re patriotic, i’m on a different level.

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  1. Are you lacking in Merdeka Spirit? — Says:

    […] Nevermind 50th Merdeka […]

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