If Karpal is pengkhianat, then what is UMNO?

Firstly i just wanna say that i’m very disappointed with my Sultan for interfering with the state government’s administration.

If you really care about the rakyat, you won’t spend millions on one Maybach 62, period.

Now let’s talk about those UMNOs, the Abdullah, the Najib, the AG, the ministers, the MPs urging the police to investigate Karpal Singh under the Sedition Act, again. They put a “pengkhianat” tag on him, for questioning my Sultan’s action.

Let’s see what they did during the Terengganu MB fiasco recently when UMNO’s MB candidate was rejected by the palace, shall we?

Look at this banner directed at the Palace! “natang” stands for binatang or animal, this is not khianat?

This is what Abdullah said,

Appointing anyone else is against Constitution. (source)

My fellow blogger, Umno vice-president Mohd Ali Rustam,

He said it was the decision of the party that won the majority in the state assembly to select the Mentri Besar and the Ruler had to abide by it according to the Constitution.

“The palace has to accept Barisan Nasional’s decision as it is in accordance with our constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democratic system,” he said.(source)

They even threatened to sack Ahmad Said, the palace’s choice, from UMNO if he accept the appointment.

Terengganu Umno wants to sack rep for defying order. (source)

They protested right outside the palace when Ahmad Said received his appointment letter,

BN reps protest against Ahmad’s appointment. (source)

Feel free to google and read those juicy stories over the fiasco.

They basically talk about the same thing questioning the Sultan’s power, so if Karpal is to be charged for sedition, so does Abdullah & his UMNOs.

Or is this another “I are Melayu, you is non-melayu” case?

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