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Which blogger(s) gets RM100K per month?!

July 31, 2007

Pengendali blog ditaja organisasi luar

Pengendali dan penulis blog dibiaya organisasi luar negara hingga mencecah RM100,000 sebulan, kata Ketua Penerangan Umno, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib.

Beliau berkata, organisasi berkenaan menaja mereka dan membenarkan laman mereka menyiarkan pelbagai perkara sensitif oleh penulis blog tempatan dan luar negara. (news)


Bloggers are being funded by a foreign organisation for as much as RM100,000 a month, said Umno information chief Mat Taib.

He said the organisation sponsored these bloggers and allowed their websites to broadcast all manner of sensitive issues written by local and foreign bloggers.

(Translation taken from

So which fucker(s) gets 100k per month? got recruit downline?

I want to carry millions in oz cash and walk around like Muhammad Muhd Taib. But i need 2 years to achieve that if the pay is RM100k, that’s slow, better become a MB then.

I envy you Muhammad Muhd Taib, man!

Please tell us which fucker(s) gets 100k salary ASAP!

Bloggers are DEMONs, worse than LIARs.

July 25, 2007

On monday, 1 UMNO senator who was caught red handed while trying to smuggle millions of cash out of Australia few years ago lodged a police report on Raja Petra Kamarudin(RPK) of Malaysia Today, RPK was accused of insulting Islam and the King of Malaysia.

This is what RPK got to say. [here]

This is the senator. [here]

And Today, one Nazri declared WAR on Malaysian bloggers and threatened to use ISA & banish them.

“試想想,當一個人在部落格,把馬來統治者的畫像貼在自己的屁股上,然後在上面放屁……這種畫面,看在我們眼裡,我們會有何感受?” [full report]

He said some blogger pastes the Malay ruler’s portrait on their own ass, and then fart on it.( some sort of poster i think)

I do not believe in this, anyone saw this poster before please send me the link.

If it’s true, then we’re truelly demons 666.

Blogger Nat Tan Arrested: Let them fight their own war

July 17, 2007

I just read something about last night’s vigil, the family wasn’t happy with the political figures present, said it was hijacked and turned into a political agenda. Someone mentioned that they felt uncomfortable with the “Reformasi” chants, but i remembered reading Nat’s dad told the press his son taught his cell mates the “Reformasi” chant.( the news) So why the hell those ppl went to the vigil i have no idea.

Nat’s girlfriend said on her blog:

Hafiz quote me saying that the vigil was hijacked. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I really was uncomfortable with the whole PKR gig going on and I wanted to respect the wishes of the parents. It was more protest than anything and I really didn’t want it to affect the very simple thing I needed to do that was very important – giving Nat a bottle of mineral water.

The moment I gave the water to the officer, she asked if I was part of the group outside and fearing she would just drink the water herself or worse, wash her feet with it, I said no and expressed that I just got here and I was going home right after. So you see, some things needs balance. We found out that Nat got only one out of the two bottles we bring to IPD Dang Wangi each night. From what I heard, people were harping about freedom of speech online or whatever …. Nat told us that this is not a case of freedom of speech. This is a case of detention without valid reason under draconian laws.

This is really disappointing, so this is not about freedom of speech online or whatever, what is whatever anyway? all the while the media were telling us he was arrested for a blog post, if this is not true please clarify.

Its a pity a bottle of mineral water is more important than those “whatever”, tap water in lokap will not kill a 27 yo adult ok? beating, yes, but with all the attention, the best they can do is give Nat a black eye like his boss Anwar Ibrahim(assumption only).

Nat is a PKR member, a member of PKR Information Bureau, arrested for a blog post regarding a minister of the Malaysian government. This is political from the very beginning, get real.

So i think its best the family fight their own war, you political figures and those harping on freedom of speech online or whatever, pls stay away.

Malaysian Blogosphere malu sial…

June 14, 2007

There’s a war over Malaysian Blogosphere ,those stupid bloggers.

The problem with bloggers are all of them think they are the smartest around, when they’re not.

Some are stupid enough to allowed crazy stupid comments in the name of freedom of speech.

Some are stupid enough to run ID check on some stupid commentor ,too free or too angry?

Some are stupid enough to lodge police report(yes, for real) over a post by another blogger, and raved about it, proudly.

Some are stupid enough to try to represent & protect bloggers, while some destroy.

So folks, this is Malaysian Blogosphere at its best.

Malu sial…

Liar from Nanyang Press column – 黄子

June 9, 2007

Well, i don’t know who is this 黄子 but he sure is a big liar. Read what he wrote in 说黑道白:报纸新闻比较可信 :


Translation for the bold sentence : according to the latest worldwide survey.

In that sentence, Yellow kid is talking about a study of young newspaper readers conducted by D-code for Canadian Press Association, but I went to D-code and the truth about the study is:

1,500 young people aged 14-34 participated in the study, conducted online across Canada in April.

Canada = Worldwide?

Do you think Yellow kid is a liar or he need a English tutor? i think he’s just another liar in the paper.

You can read the PDF report here.

Good Luck, Jeff Ooi

January 29, 2007

Jeff Ooi goes to court tomorrow, 30th January 2007 at 9.00am at the High Court of Malaya Kuala Lumpur.Here’s a very interesting story on what to expect tomorrow, read it here.

Good luck!

Rocky, NST & Subjudice rules

January 29, 2007


The Star report was inaccurate, Rocky do not have to remove any articles,yet.

Here is the joint statement of Rocky & NSTP taken from Rocky’s Bru:

“That the parties agree to henceforth not publish any article, comment or post regarding the dispute presently before the High Court in this action that may be regarded as sub judice or that may prejudice the fair trial of the action.”

Blogger to remove 48 articles

KUALA LUMPUR: Blogger Ahiruddin Atan has agreed to immediately remove 48 articles cited in the New Straits Times libel suit against him to avoid prejudicing the trial.

While Rocky can remove those articles & comments, the NST won’t be able to retract those exclusive interviews & reports(view it here & here) printed in the newspaper now don’t they?

Read more at Malaysiakini:Blogger, NSTP to adhere to subjudice rules

Good Luck, Rocky

January 29, 2007

Rocky is going back to court in the morning, here’s what he posted on his blog.

Back to court

Denmark House. I’m returning to the High Court tomorrow, Monday the 29th, at 9 am, where Edmund Bon, my lawyer, will inform the learned Judge of my position with regards to comments by readers made on this blog (in respect of my postings of 18 and 24 January) which, according to lawyers of the Plaintiffs last Thursday, may be seen as prejudicing the case.

Read here my account on the hearing last Thursday.
Wish me luck, quietly, as I have to decline comments for now.

Go get them, good luck!

Blogger Rocky to strike out suit?

January 25, 2007

Some updates on the NST vs Bloggers case.

Blogger’s application to strike out suit set for Feb 22 hearing

KUALA LUMPUR: The Kuala Lumpur High Court has set Feb 22 to hear blogger Ahirudin Attan’s application to strike out a suit filed by New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd.

The court adjourned the hearing on NSTP’s application for an interparte injunction against Ahirudin.

According to reports, the plaintiffs of the case wanted comments discussing about the case to be removed from Rocky’s blog, citing sub judice rules.

Ahirudin aka Rocky is represented by Edmund Bon, assisted by Jeff Ooi’s lawyers Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and Haris Ibrahim. You can read Mr. Malik’s blog,”Disquiet”, he’s a blogger too!

Read more at Screenshots: Rocky applies to strike out defamation suit; hearing on 22.02

Jeff Ooi’s case will be heard on 30th Jan 2007, 9am at the same court.

Abdullah must be responsible as well

January 24, 2007

Bloggers must be responsible

Bloggers must be responsible for what they write on the Internet as there are laws on defamation and sedition, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

The Prime Minister said these laws were enforceable and bloggers must bear in mind that they could not hide or take advantage of the Internet to do something that was against the law.

Read this, bloggers, ANYONE can sue you now. But Abdullah, just what Jeff Ooi & Rocky did on the Internet to get sued? Do you know? Do you surf the Internet? Do you understand blogging? Do you understand us?

He said bloggers, just like newspaper journalists, must be responsible for what they wrote or risk facing legal action from others.

Wow, bloggers are journalist now, i wanna get media pass for 2007 F1, i’m honored. NOT, you just want to control us as we offer the public news and information that mainstream media don’t dare to print for free! For example, your RM30 million yacht, your extended vacation in Perth and so many more.

He raised the question of “what was freedom without responsibility,” saying that laws must be respected.

Responsibility? Do you even know the meaning of that word? What’s your responsibilities then, can’t remember? Let me google it.

Here you go!(click pic for full view)


Don’t you just hate love the Internet?