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Police Raja Malaysia

May 9, 2008

Police & FRU fired tear gas and water canons at Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents to protect Grand Saga’s, concessionaire for the Cheras-Kajang highway, illegal barricade blocking their only entrance.

One Member of Parliament, Lim Lip Eng , was assaulted in front of journalists.

Other MPs arrived on the scene was chased away.

Yes, thats right folks. This is happening in Malaysia right now, police acting as personal bodyguard for big shots attacking civilians.

No wonder the crime rate skyrocketed, police too busy serving their masters.

They are not doing their job, to serve & protect civilians.

Polis Raja Malaysia, indeed.

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Abdullah is one big liar

January 28, 2008

Another lie by Abdullah “Islam Hadhari” Badawi,




(Source: China Press) January 28, 2008 18:17

In that news, abdullah was telling ppl not to compare Malaysia to Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan coz Malaysia is different from them all & bla bla bla….

He lied about some facts, here’s a direct translation of the red colored paragraph:

Abdullah pointed out that, many people likes to compare our country and Taiwan, Undeniably, Taiwan is a very highly developed country, but Taiwan’s population are more than ours significantly.

WAIT, according to the mighty CIA of USA, Taiwan has an estimated population of 22,858,872 as of July 2007

Malaysia?24,821,286 as of July 2007… so 24,821,286 minus 22,858,872 = 1,962,414.

We actually have almost 2 million more man power than Taiwan!

Damn malu wei…


Never mind 50th Merdeka

August 29, 2007


This is a merdeka post, in the spirit of merdeka i present you the Never mind list.

  1. Islamic state, Yes/No?
  2. Port Klang Free Zone RM4.6 billion scandal, where’s the money?(The minister in charge is on 2 weeks MC starting today, go abroad see ‘doctor’)

  3. Untouchable Istana Zakaria & Co from Klang

  4. My son is rich, Dr. M smashed Khairy’s pot of rice
  5. Avenue Capital-ECM Libra merger: Khairy’s rice pot
  6. RM200 million luxury jet
  7. Johor flood: Was opening my bro’s nasi kandar restaurant in Perth, not free.
  8. No.1 Machai: “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” (He also wanna sue Youtube)
  9. Jasin MP:Close one eye, apa salah?”
  10. Jasin & Kinabatangan MP: “Mana ada bocor? Batu Gajah pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan juga”
  11. Jerai MP: “You tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!“(He got Wikipedia)
  12. Mat “million dollar cash” Taib as Senator (Raja Nazrin: Ppl with shady past should not be allowed to take office)
  13. Work with me, not for me

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Updated: I have decided not to ‘shout’ Merdeka on my blog, because Jasin “close one eye” MP & co said they’re patriotic, i’m on a different level.

Abdullah not happy, tak syok

August 21, 2007



So, Abdullah wasn’t happy with the private sector demanding Mandarin proficiency as a job requirement when hiring.

Rais Yatim said, the cabinet will discuss about it this week, and studies whether to ban reexamines this condition.

Bla bla bla…

C’mon, not all Malaysian Chinese are well versed in Mandarin, i know where you’re going.

Language is a skill, it can be acquired. This statement acts as a filter and those who do not meet the qualification will not waste their own time, and the prospective employers time.

So, i hope the cabinet will discuss something important like the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Zone debacle(no bailout!heads must roll!), before they enjoy the kuih-muihs.

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PM Abdullah in Wonderland

March 13, 2007

“The feel-good factor is better now than before, but when (it is time to call an) election, it should be an even better feeling.”Asked if he was ruling out an election this year, the Prime Minister said: “You want to know, I never reveal what I want to do. Cannot, cannot tell you.”

I challenge Abdullah to call the general election ASAP, then maybe he’ll learn to differentiate between feel-good and feel-bad or feel-dulan factor, just maybe.

Abdullah added that plans for the next 50 years were also discussed during the meeting and this meant continuing the goals set for Vision 2020 and beyond.

“We have talked about Vision 2020, but there is a need to look to the future. We need to look forward to 2057 for the future generation.

“It is the younger generation that will play the role of influencing the development of the nation in the future,” he said. (source)

Misi 2057? vision 2020 also gonna fail to achieve and Abdullah is planning for 2057 for us.

Enough-lah Abdullah, leave it to us, the younger generation to decide what we want, not you!

You afraid we will forget about you is it?Don’t worry, you will be remembered as The Worst PM of Malaysia forever, i can assure you that.

Reuters: Abdullah’s Spin Doctors at work

February 14, 2007

The spin doctors failed to fool most people with their ‘feel good factor’ headlines for the past week, the working class just have to look at their bonus and they’ll know the economy is not good.

They will try again as they have received orders from the government as reported below. But with Reuters report, it will be harder for them to fool anyone.

Malaysian spin on economy sparks poll talk
Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:31 PM IST

By Jalil Hamid

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s media has been trumpeting good news about the economy, and that is stoking speculation of an early election this year.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi does not need to hold an election until early 2009, and insists he is in no hurry following the big mandate that he won in 2004.

But political analysts do not rule out snap polls this year.

“The PM is likely to give more candies, including the promised review of civil service’s salary, if he decides to go for polls this year,” said political analyst Yahaya Ismail.

At the weekend, Abdullah’s ruling party revved up its election machinery to try to regain power in the northeastern state of Kelantan, ruled by the conservative Islamic party PAS since 1990.

PAS, or Parti Islam se-Malaysia, is also gearing up for the polls. “We expect the election this year,” one official told Reuters.

Analysts say the climate appears favourable to Abdullah.

Malaysia’s opposition parties remain relatively muted, and the economy, the government says, is on a roll.

The mainstream media, which generally cheers the administration, went to town last week with a slew of upbeat stories ranging from a record 2006 trade volume to rocketing share prices, a stronger ringgit and rising foreign reserves.

“Good times are back,” blared one headline in the best-selling Star newspaper, summing up comments by Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

“The feel good factor is clear. Retailers are enjoying better business and restaurants are packed,” the minister said.

“Economy now more resilient than ever,” was the headline in the New Straits Times, a daily controlled by Abdullah’s ruling party.

More such stories are on the cards, said one editor, who attended a government briefing recently.


Samy Vellu is a liar

February 12, 2007

I’m not a bad boy, Samy Vellu tells critics

“Many people think I’m a bad boy as if I decide on the tolls, as if I put people in trouble, that I go for blood and all that.”I’m a minister of the government and I implement the decision made by the Cabinet.

“It’s not my decision to raise the toll or to reduce it,” said the agitated minister.

Samy Vellu said toll rates were decided by the government and the Economic Planning Unit (EPU).

“Privatisation is purely an EPU decision. It is then approved by the Cabinet and the Ministry of Works takes over. The ministry has to announce the toll rates, has to carry all the burden and has to face all the scoldings,” Samy Vellu said after presenting cash awards to 580 Tamil pupils who scored 7As for the UPSR exam last year.

He lashed out at certain quarters who said they would buy up the toll companies if they were in his position.

If all the toll companies were taken over, said Samy Vellu, it would cost the government nearly RM500 billion.

Is he not a member of the cabinet?

Is he not a member of the government?

Is he not the minister of the department that signed all the toll concessions?

Is the minister of the cabinet just a message boy then, a powerless thambi?

RM500 billion to take over all the toll companies? those toll companies must be world re-known super corporations then. As the KLSE market value is currently valued at around RM960 billion, and we need RM500 billion to buy them.

Dei thambi, get out of the government you liar!

Review Oil Price for 1 year for what?

January 31, 2007

Najib: No cut in fuel prices yet

PUTRAJAYA: The Government does not plan to lower petrol prices just yet.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, the Government needed to monitor the world oil prices for at least one year before making any decision.

“We will review the oil price, but a review does not automatically mean that we will reduce the price. That decision will be for the Cabinet to make,” he told reporters after chairing the National Mineral Council meeting here yesterday.

Can you believe this? review for 1 year? Other countries already lowered their fuel price few times now, and Najib got the nerves to tell us this. Hey Batu Talam voters, how do you all feel now?

Did they review for 1 year before they decided to built the new RM400 million Istana Negara, or “lease” the luxury jet?

Abdullah only got this to say on this issue,

“It’s good to keep on monitoring prices,” he said.(via The Star)

What is so good about it? Its getting harder and harder for me to understand Abdullah, between us, one must be getting dumber!

Samy Vellu To Jail Himself

January 26, 2007

Cabinet says toll agreements to remain secret

KUALA LUMPUR (Jan 25, 2007): The Cabinet is not prepared to make public the toll agreements inked between the government and highway concessionaires, says Works Minister Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

“I have also suggested that the Cabinet take appropriate action against the person (or persons) who had stolen and exhibited an agreement. The agreement is solely between the government and the company and it is a secret document,” said Samy, adding that he brought up the matter at the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Hello Samy Vellu, you forgot you showed it to Lim Kit Siang already? Habis la you…lucky you Lim Kit Siang denied it. But you said you did, so you still habis.

Ayoyo…I think you need to write another poem for Abdullah to save your ass.

New Yacht, New Plane?

January 26, 2007

Now i’m not telling you this, according to Abdullah have purchased a new plane, VIP ACJ 319 of Airbus, worth RM200 million. After a yacht worth RM30 million, now this? That’s crazy if this is true.

If you’re into cars, a Ferrari Enzo is priced at around RM9 Million, so you can buy 20 out of 400 made.

Not only his son is rich, our PM also damn freaking rich! But i’m not telling you this.

Eh Najib, you think you can tell Abdullah to change his lifestyle?

Now you go read a special report by Malaysia Today: Old Man, New Toys

Then you go and read The Star:

He, however, said the international community needed to do much more to reduce the huge disparities in wealth, power and knowledge among the peoples of the world.

Wanna puke again…