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Who’s the Party King in Malaysia?

January 18, 2007

During the first flood in Southern Malaysia, PM Abdullah decided to hang out in Perth for vacation & officiated the opening ceremony of a nasi kandar restaurant.

Now, the 2nd flood and guess what? PM Abdullah throw a Durian feast media party!

“While there was an array of local favourites and delicacies, the drawing point was a boat-shaped trough with a heap of durians.

The Prime Minister showed how he could deftly prise the King of Fruits with his fingers. “

source: The Star

A boat full of durians! Why are they doing this?

In a brief speech, Abdullah thanked the media, adding that he had just visited flood victims in Batu Pahat, the worst-affected district in Johor.”

Right, partying is the most sensible thing to do after the PR tour.

While over 65,000 Johor flood victims still eating canned food & instant noodles, they feast.

Johor flood & Nasi Kandar restaurant

January 10, 2007

Worst flood in more than 30 years, 15 people died. Its a terrible situation for the past few weeks for the people there, but most of their YBs or MPs or Ministers were no where to be seen as they went on vacation in foreign countries.
As for PM Abdullah, he did stopped by for a few hours after returned from Turkey ,before departing for vacation in a foreign country later. How can he leave during such situation?

Where was PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when Johor was submerged by floods? In Perth, opening a nasi kandar restaurant which is co-owned by his brother.


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