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Abdullah is one big liar

January 28, 2008

Another lie by Abdullah “Islam Hadhari” Badawi,




(Source: China Press) January 28, 2008 18:17

In that news, abdullah was telling ppl not to compare Malaysia to Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan coz Malaysia is different from them all & bla bla bla….

He lied about some facts, here’s a direct translation of the red colored paragraph:

Abdullah pointed out that, many people likes to compare our country and Taiwan, Undeniably, Taiwan is a very highly developed country, but Taiwan’s population are more than ours significantly.

WAIT, according to the mighty CIA of USA, Taiwan has an estimated population of 22,858,872 as of July 2007

Malaysia?24,821,286 as of July 2007… so 24,821,286 minus 22,858,872 = 1,962,414.

We actually have almost 2 million more man power than Taiwan!

Damn malu wei…


Reporters sans frontières : Abdullah failed

February 3, 2007

Malaysia – Annual report 2007

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has still not fulfilled the promise of openness which he made when he came to power in 2003. Censorship and self-censorship have not gone away and media concentration in the hands of the families of government members has been further boosted this year.

On 7 December 2006, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also public security minister, told parliament that he planned to intervene regularly with the media to warn them off certain subjects. “If the media persist in not respecting the law, the ministry will send a caution, which could turn into a suspension or withdrawal of a licence”, he said. The government, which is extremely vigilant on issues which might provoke tension between the country’s different communities, regularly puts the press under pressure. Sensitive subjects are censored or avoided completely. For example, in March, demonstrations against a hike in the price of petrol went off without any coverage in the main media. In June, the presenter of a radio talk show in Chinese was replaced and the phone-in section of the programme was axed. In the same way, in November, police summoned several journalists to tell them to cut back their coverage of a particularly grisly murder in which police officers were implicated.

The rare independent publications are to be found online, including Malaysiakini which did not suffer any official harassment in 2006. On the other hand, bloggers and discussion forums did find themselves in the government’s sights.

The Public Security ministry and censorship bodies are also very prompt to defend good morals in the press. In November, a weekly and its editor were suspended for having published an article about sexuality. Hundreds of international publications and books on sex and religion are banned in the country. The authorities invoke Article 6 (2) of the press law to punish media accused of putting out indecent news.